What I picked today. . .

The first close-ups are Nyagous- a prolific black, Great White- which is more yellow than I had hoped, and Pearly Pink- a gorgeous deep pink similar to the Pink Millionaire.




The large purple tomato is Black from Tula, which has been prolific and extremely tasty. I am retiring Cherokee Purple this year for average performance, but mainly due to lack of taste. The Black Cherry remains the most flavorful of the purple and black varieties, with Black Brandywine being the most flavorful of the large varieties. Morado Purple is another giant tomato with a satisfying flavor.


The large green fruit in the last photo is super sweet, even sweeter than the Green Pineapple. It is an heirloom variety named “Aunt Ruby’s Cherry” according to the package. It is neither pink nor small, so either the package of seeds was mislabeled, or I have consistently mislabeled the pots when sowing each year. My guess is that these monstrously large fruits are in fact Aunt Ruby’s German Green, but I am pleased with the mix-up.


Thanks to Mr Henry for posing as a size comparison. As you can see, many of the tomatoes are as large as his head, and Hank is a LARGE kitty kat. Also for comparison, the ones that are the whole width of the 2 x 6 planks on the deck. Also in the collection are Tigerella, a medium-sized red/orange stripe, very prolific and full-flavored, and Cream Sausage which produced over 100 tomatoes on one plant, firm and tasty like a paste tomato. Imagine the beautiful sauces!


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