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The chickens followed me to the front door which made a cute Halloween picture. . .

very small children in chicken costumes.


Everything is soggy and starting to rot as the rains have returned to the Pacific Northwet.





The apples are ripe!

My tree graced me with close to a bushel of perfect gala type apples which I will be dehydrating this week. No sprays and very little attention yet this tree consistently produces perfect, unblemished apples, so no credit goes to me.



That whole turkey look. . .

isn’t going to work for you next month.


Meet Bonita, my new Welsummer, and she is as sweet as she is pretty.

Someday she will lay dark brown eggs.


Train to the Farm




Remembering Zena

Princess Zena spent her last summer vacation enjoying the farm and gardens. She loved to nap on the compost pile after the new clippings I had added started to heat up. When inside she loved to sleep in the chair next to me while I worked on the computer, which of course caused Moka to get her knickers in a knot. When her time came, I sat and held her for four hours and told her how beautiful she was, and how beloved, until she passed over the Rainbow bridge.




Winter Squash Harvest

The Winter Squash were not pleased with their new beds, as a result, I only ended up with 35+ for storage. The Red Kuri were successful again, and will turn bright red in storage:


This variety is a mystery still. It was labeled as a European Melon, so I sliced into one in August and it was still green and was not sweet at all:


So I let the remaining ones stay on the vine. Each one was picked a week or so apart, and is turning a deep red orange, so my guess is the variety is a squash that was mislabeled. I have searched the internet for anything that looks like it, but have been unsuccessful. The largest one is over 15″ wide. If it keeps well and tastes yummy, I will definitely grow it again:


My favorite pumpkins are always the New England Sugar Pie. Small and sweet! This one is turning from green to orange: