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Wrapping up January

My day has not gone as planned. It started last night with a phone call from my mother, who tends to be a night owl, and we ended up talking until 1:30am (her time). Unfortunately while we were enjoying our chat I drank a cup of coffee, so you know how the rest of the night went, no sleep until almost 4:00am (my time). I could not open my eyes until noon today so of course missed church which is disappointing.

I went out to talk with the goats, who were being particularly chatty this morning. Turns out that the neighbor’s itsy bitsy dog had slipped through a crack in the fence and had thoroughly offended Mooch and Nibbles, who just stared at it with disdain. Chloe, however, was quite vocal in her displeasure over the intrusion. So I sent the little dog scampering back under the fence and assured the goats that they were still in charge of their castle.

I took a peek into said castle and decided it was a good time to muck it out and put down fresh shavings, which they just adore. There was much sniffing, and lip curling, and rolling in approval, a pleasure to watch. I was thinking about some of the scripture that mandates care of the working animals, although these lovable brats have never worked a day in their lives. That could change if I ever get the Amish goat cart I spied a few years ago. Pygmy goats are extremely strong and could pull a fairly heavy load for me, if I could only keep them heading in the right direction. And during the summer I could make money offering goat cart rides to the local children! Now wouldn’t that be a hoot. Ah, but that would require insurance and parental permission slips, and helmets, and knee pads,

and. . .

Maybe I will just illustrate the scene and call it good. ;>}


A New Decade Begins

What a strange Winter this has been, so mild that I have worked in the garden almost everyday, which has put me one month ahead of schedule. Much of this has been done out of necessity, as the bulbs and perennials are all pushing up through the soil, mislead into thinking it is already mid-February. I have spent the last two weeks doing the remainder of the dead-heading before the new shoots interfere with the clipping and get their wee green heads snipped off.

This progress has only been possible with the strong help of a 19 year old who is occupying my guest room. The bad economy has been rough on him and his friends so he ended up with no place to land. His mother is my friend and is currently out of state looking for work, so he is here, writing a new role playing game and pushing wheel barrows for me. I point and he works hard, shoveling the precious compost and distributing it around the new garden beds I started last year in some of the under utilized sunny spots on the property. I cannot wait to see these new beds brimming with flowers and vegetables!

Today I sliced into the last of the large red French Winter Squash, painstakingly removed and sorted the seeds, then popped the fleshy halves into the oven. When cooled, the pulp was scooped out and run through the blender with salt, sugar and spices. The majority of the golden liquid filled 10 freeze containers and the remainder is in the dehydrator now. I did noticed that the flesh seemed less sweet and had a slight bitter flavor, which may be the result of long term cold storage, however those particular pumpkins are not as sweet as my favorites such as the Red Kuri,

I still have a crisper full of apples that need to be dehydrated, which I should do this next week. The majority of the crop went into apple butter which is in the freezer now.

I received a call from Moka’s doctor confirming my suspicions that she has diabetes. Based on my son’s experience, the insulin and special diet are very expensive, but I will do my best to keep her healthy as she is the best cat I’ve ever known! Such a sweetheart with a tiny voice and exceptionally good manners. She will not jump up on my lap, bed, or couch without asking first, and she has NEVER gotten up on a table or counter! I love this gentle, intelligent kitty girl.