Wrapping up January

My day has not gone as planned. It started last night with a phone call from my mother, who tends to be a night owl, and we ended up talking until 1:30am (her time). Unfortunately while we were enjoying our chat I drank a cup of coffee, so you know how the rest of the night went, no sleep until almost 4:00am (my time). I could not open my eyes until noon today so of course missed church which is disappointing.

I went out to talk with the goats, who were being particularly chatty this morning. Turns out that the neighbor’s itsy bitsy dog had slipped through a crack in the fence and had thoroughly offended Mooch and Nibbles, who just stared at it with disdain. Chloe, however, was quite vocal in her displeasure over the intrusion. So I sent the little dog scampering back under the fence and assured the goats that they were still in charge of their castle.

I took a peek into said castle and decided it was a good time to muck it out and put down fresh shavings, which they just adore. There was much sniffing, and lip curling, and rolling in approval, a pleasure to watch. I was thinking about some of the scripture that mandates care of the working animals, although these lovable brats have never worked a day in their lives. That could change if I ever get the Amish goat cart I spied a few years ago. Pygmy goats are extremely strong and could pull a fairly heavy load for me, if I could only keep them heading in the right direction. And during the summer I could make money offering goat cart rides to the local children! Now wouldn’t that be a hoot. Ah, but that would require insurance and parental permission slips, and helmets, and knee pads,

and. . .

Maybe I will just illustrate the scene and call it good. ;>}

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