A Perfect Day Outside

And at 7:00pm it is still clear over my house. I keep the radar up all day so I can see when the rains (or a break in them) are coming, then I run outside and take care of animals before the next wave hits. Today I had to take care of office type work, so had to force myself to stay inside until I finished, then ran out to play in the sun with the chickens and goats! I trimmed back and dead headed two more beds today and filled a large bag with clippings. I am getting better at cleaning up after a binge clipping session, instead of leaving the pile until the slugs take up residence. But wait, there are no more slugs! The chickens are extremely efficient at decimating any type of small life forms, and supposedly will even attack moles, voles, and shrews. Who needs a cat.


I worked awhile in the greenhouse, trimming back the dead leaves from herbs I am experimenting with. So far they have wintered over quite well. The bunnies that heat the greenhouse were given a treat of carrots from the garden that I have stored in the ground. A few of the smaller ones started to rot, but I was impressed at how well they held up. I replaced them with Shanghai Pak Choy starts that had free seeded in the gravel around the raised beds. It is fun to look out the kitchen window and see the garden growing, in early February! But I hate to think what will happen to all the green shoots if we get a last ditch effort from Old Man Winter. The blueberries and plums are loaded with little buds and I won’t have any way to protect them if the temperature drops. This was March 2007. . .


The cranberry banana fruit leather is almost finished and the sliced bell peppers will be on the dehydrator next. It is fun to put a pan full of water on the stove and throw dehydrated veggies at it until soup happens! I even dehydrated a batch of cooked rice which was handy but not very efficient energy wise.


I stripped the beds and am washing all of the bathmats and other small rugs around the house. I guess the sunny day spurred me to start my Spring house cleaning, but mainly the sun peeking through the windows exposed the pale surfaces of all my furniture, I believe it is called dust! I read somewhere that 90% of household dust is flaked off skin, but since I certainly am not flaky, it must be the cats. My sweet diabetic cat tracks wet kitty litter onto the bathroom floor, and likes to sling her feet to throw off the small bits, which of course end up in the darndest places. I have to sweep the bathroom every morning. I hope I will be able to care of her insulin needs, or find a natural remedy to help her extreme thirst.

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