Where did the day go?

Ok, granted I did get a late start, but it seems I have very little to show for the day. I stood in the sun for thirty minutes and watched a Golden Wyandotte pick and clean every worm, slug, bug and seedling out of a five square foot area. I doubt there were any life forms left when she wandered off to depopulate another macro system.


After I fed the goats, I opened the door and let them wander out along the path. They are getting pretty good at following me, so I called them to come around to the garden beds and they literally kicked up their heels and ran. It was very cute to watch those half-legged pudgkins trying to move fast. And once again, we slowed down traffic and caused neck wrenching double takes as people drove home from work. Nice dogs. . .wait! Those are goats! She is walking goats!

I then turned my attention to the deck. I carried buckets of worm laden compost to top dress the containers, then pulled the containers out of the way so I could wash the deck of soggy leaves and spilled dirt. While I was at it, I hosed down the cedar bench to be ready for Thursday, as rumor has it the painful-to-look-at-golden-thing-in-the-sky will be back. Must find sunglasses.

Tomorrow is trash and recycle day so I did not stop looking for candidates until both large bins were smashed down full. By then it was dark and starting to rain, so I retired to the computer and “chatted” with a new friend on the East Coast. Someday I will have to talk with her via phone to hear that wonderful accent from down under!


Every nerve ending under my skin is screaming, the by product of work and wearing clothes. Yes, just wearing clothes is uncomfortable, so I now retired to my velvets and microfiber sheets! No photos. ;-}

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  1. Pictures look good. It’s as if I am there since I have
    seen the place thoroughly, and Henry is really
    soaking up the sun. Lazy Kitty. Funny goats three.
    I guess your help was not there today?

    • jadegardens
    • February 17th, 2010

    I guess you have seen it in the dead of Winter.
    Soggy, rotten, drippy, mouldy. . .
    Henry was hoping to soak up sun,
    but it never really graced us with it’s presence.
    He was sleeping off two days of creativity with no sleep.
    I just played musical flower pots and slid
    them around the deck.
    I have to exercise our my doctor will make
    me go to the gym.
    eeew. dudes in spandex.

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