Goat Parade

I did it! I walked the goats to the far end of the street, right to where the two large dogs were laying in the front yard, and I decided not to test if they were behind an invisible fence.

As you can see, they didn’t cooperate for D! Now imagine that they are two years older and twice as fat and very strong.

I had hooked Mooch and Nibbles together with one of leashes that you can walk multiple dogs with and it worked like a charm! Mooch is the alpha goat and Nibbles stayed right with him instead of wandering off. Chloe did not have her collar on so I could not catch her. I let her wander along behind us but she was great about stepping off the street when I told her to. They are very trainable, come when I call, but it will take some consistency to teach them to stop when I say stop!

When I decided to turn around and head for home, OH MY! is was mules headin’ fer the barn! If I had been wearing roller skates, we would have been going about 20 miles an hour! HA! But I kept holding them back, and making them stop, and I actually ran with them a little bit. Mooch was determined to run home but his tongue was hanging out, so for “his sake” I did not let him run.

When we were about two houses from the drive-way I just could not hold them and let go of the reins! They ran and jumped all the way home, turned in the driveway, ran into their yard and into their house! Mooch plopped down exhausted, while Nibbles and Chloe drank lots of water.

I was hoping Mooch didn’t have a heart attack, because it would have been very difficult to butcher him in the dark!

So I got a total boost of energy, which was nice!, but I am feeling the pain in my shoulders slowly move down to my finger tips. Maybe next time we will go a shorter distance.

Now I will go cook the chicken and broccoli, then see if I can paint for thirty minutes before bed.

Here’s to sweet dreams!

    • C
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Well, now, wasn’t that novel?

    Sorry to hear about the increase in shoulder/arm pain, though.
    That’s not an example of “no pain, no gain”!
    And wasn’t the result I had in mind when I suggested you get more aerobic exercise!

    The book I’m currently reading describes the goal as moving “long and slow”
    until we get our aerobic strength up. As in “not fast and for a long time”.
    And, dare I mention it? Every day. At least 6 days a week. Forever. Amen.
    (well, I added the amen part – but I think it fits…)

    My personal experience is that arthritis-y conditions really improve with smooth, steady, regular, consistent movement. It’s like a lube job for our joints and other connective tissues.

    So hang in there and show up tomorrow too.
    And leave the little buggers at home if they aren’t gonna be more helpful! ; )

    Love you…

    • jadegardens
    • March 2nd, 2010

    The problem is, that the problem is not arthritis, y or otherwise.
    My joints are fine and move well. I have been tested thoroughly and do not have any type of degenerative joint problems. At least so far!

    The rheumatologist was very impressed with how agile and flexible I am. I can bend down and put my palms flat on the floor!

    It is the nerves in the muscles and skin. So anything that “activates” the nerves causes screaming pain.

    The nerves apparently only know how to “say” pain to my brain.

    For instance, my neighbor who also suffers from Fibro, took me to get a pedicure one time. When they got to the part where they massage the legs, we both had tears on our cheeks. What should feel good, feels like torture. Does that make sense?

    So the vibration of the steering wheel while driving, oh dear, nasty pain within 15 minutes. I certainly could not drive very far these days.

    Vacuuming. Anything that stimulates the muscle and nerves. But apparently the exercise is necessary to help keep it under control. Maybe the nerves get tired of screaming.

    Unfortunately there is no cure and I will struggle with this till. . .
    but the good news is that it is not degenerative!

  1. I would have loved to watch your outing with the
    fat fellows. Would have been fun to record it.
    Sorry it left you with pain, but hope the memories
    that you created are fun.

    • jadegardens
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Hopefully I will make more memories as I train them to walk WITH me! Then perhaps I can take a camera, or have E take a shot as we “walk” past.

    C was really running and kicking up her heels. Everyone we passed, out walking their dogs, had big smiles on their faces!

  2. Damm cool….would love to see photos! I think it is a win win situation…. fabulous!

    • jadegardens
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Yes, and THEY certainly need their exercise. But if they get thin, there won’t be as much to eat! ; P

    I would be hard pressed to eat these goats, unless me and mine were starving, but I do talk to them about someday being eaten. And as far as I can tell, they don’t have a problem with that!

    They aren’t even breeding stock; two wethers and a doe who had a cesarean and hysterectomy. Some farmer I am!

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