A Picture that says it all. . .

The sun is shining into my studio, hitting my white robe (yes, sitting here in my fuzzy robe and slippers) and bouncing back onto my monitor. It is so bright in here I need sunglasses to type!

My studio was on the North side, creating accurate lighting for painting, but my mother suggested I would be happier with the sun streaming in a South facing studio. She was right! If I lived somewhere with consistent sunlight, the North studio would be ideal, but not here, where even a graphic of a yellow round thing elicits waves of anticipation.

Isn’t it beautiful! And there are FIVE of them, all in a little row! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! My posts will go from maudlin’ to manic in short order.

The ground is finally drying out a bit so I am putting peas in this week, along with spinach and other greens. Hopefully they will not rot.

E and I are going to dig this grass plant out and expose the nice white landscaping rocks that have been taken over by this creeping crud, that has now turned the corner and heading up the other side of the property.

It is hard to believe that these areas will look lush again, but they always do. Here is what it looks like now. . .

These same areas will look like this in no time at all!

Well, that is if I rebuild the chicken run and keep them from eating every sprout that comes out of the ground. They are particularly fond of anything from the allium family and will eat my 10 foot tall Oriental Lilies down to a nub in the dirt.

I have so many gigs of photographs, that I have decided that this year I will photograph less, garden and paint more, and just share the ones I ALREADY HAVE. Fortunately all of the photos are organized by months, so all I have to do is share my March photos from the last few years and no one would no the difference anyway!

I am heading out now for a day in the sun with all my animal friends and wee plants poking their heads up from a mild winter’s nap. Too mild. The mosquitos are terrible already.

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    • C
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Oh my! was that some Lacinto Kale that I saw? and some beautiful Swiss Chard?

    There are a few times each year that I would love to live where you are…
    I mean, flowers are nice, but those veggies?!!!!! yummmmm… : )

    • jadegardens
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Yes, and the veggies are tucked in all through the landscaping! I love the size of the rhubarb plants, leaves 2.5 feet across! Who needs a Gunnera!

    I have seen some Gunnera here in the PNW with leaves the size of small cars!

    • jadegardens
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Ya’ll really should move out here before the economy crashes (yes, I am a category 5 doomer) and we could pool our resources and buy some farmland. We still have undepleted soil up here and you can garden practically all year.

    • jadegardens
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Ok, we could pool YOUR resources! ha! Well, if Wells Fargo gets my house, I gotta find some place to park my car! Just 10 acres, is that so much to ask?!

    ; )

    • Have you asked for the 10 acres, even one or two acres?
      Knowing you, I imagine that you have already, and that you
      have thanked Him many times for the blessings that you have
      been enjoying.
      With your love of “digging in good clean dirt” you have
      created beauty, which is a painting unto itself.

      The lush landscape is so beautiful and I am glad that you
      have captured it with your camera, and computer so
      that everyone can see what I have seen in person. It is
      unforgettable, and repeatable each Spring.
      Give K a pot of soil and then watch what happens.

        • jadegardens
        • March 4th, 2010

        Aren’t you sweet!
        K makes her own soil. ; P

        The neighbors across the street were clearing out the forest floor today, removing all of the leaves and cutting the hundreds of sword ferns down. sigh.

        I walked over and showed them that the ferns they did not cut down last year was twice as large and beautiful, and explained that the fern does not replace all of its fronds each year, just adds to it. She wondered why they did not get big and fluffy anymore. sigh.

        They said I could have the leaves and stopped throwing them on the burning pile. sigh.

  1. About the tall invading grass in the ditch. I would suggest
    that rather than trying to dig it out yourself, that you let
    E do most of it. I expect that he would do it willingly
    since he offered before when you were overworking your muscles
    with the rake. gain, without so much pain.

      • jadegardens
      • March 4th, 2010

      E will be doing ALL of it!
      We cleaned up some brush piles, he mowed, then he started digging up the lawn around the perimeter, about two feet in from the edge. I came along and turned the grass upside down, then we will top it with 8 inches of goat compost.

      I am going to slowly add beds around the edges and move in little by little until there is no lawn!

    • C
    • March 7th, 2010

    Hey, just now saw the comment about us moving to the PNW…
    Sorry to say we’d need more sunshine than that plan would offer… ;o)

    But there’s a really productive, small organic farm not far out from our town that is for sale RIGHT NOW. Some people I have been buying Farmer’s Market produce from for the last few years. Not sure why they’re selling, except that I know the guy has begun having back problems. And she works off the farm and may be changing jobs for all I know.
    Or moving back where their families are… or … who knows.

    Soil is pretty good here in “America’s Breadbasket”. Even for things besides corn and soybeans! We have lots of natural bunny poop in our backyard even! And we don’t even have to buy bunny food!

    You know, we planted peas on January 1 when we lived in Louisiana. There are lots of places to live where you can garden year round. Not that I’d want to go back to LA though, for other reasons.

    But for now, we gotta stay put or we won’t have any resources to pool, or otherwise. Until G is able to telecommute exclusively anyway… ^ ^

      • jadegardens
      • March 7th, 2010

      Go out right now and buy that farm for me! I could hook mom to the plow post peak! :oP

        • C
        • March 7th, 2010

        Actually, if I WAS going to buy some land for farming/gardening in retirement etc I think I WOULD want it in a place with a longer growing season (and sunshine… and beautiful scenery… and water… and no hurricanes/earthquakes/etc). I wonder where that would be… you know, someplace where no one else has thought of the same thing! Cuz then the land would be TOOOO expensive…

        We could have our own family compound! Would be way cool…
        G, in his youth, used to imagine something like that… me too, I guess…
        The big obstacle is just him having (and still needing) a paying job!! ;o)

        And I should say that my original comment about wanting to live where you live, was just that… wanting to live where YOU live… not where you live NOW… but WHEREVER you live as long as you’re able to grow those beautiful vegetables… not that I wouldn’t want to live near you if you couldn’t grow vegetables… just saying that being able to live near you AND enjoy all those beautiful veggies would be very cool. period.

        I could help slaughter the rabbits though… ^ ^ šŸ˜€

    • C
    • March 7th, 2010

    And it’s Saturday 6:46 CST, NOT SUNDAY AM!!!!
    (that bugs me… makes me look like I’m staying up too late!)

      • jadegardens
      • March 7th, 2010

      Yeah, and I am posting one day in the future!

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