A little less lawn. . .

a little more food, and flowers!

E and I worked on this the last two days and have the largest area dug up and the sod flipped. I have created, well the worms, chickens, rabbits, and goats, have created enough compost to layer it about a foot deep. I will put newspapers down first to discourage the grass coming through. This area gets full sun and watching the grass be the only recipient has bothered me for two years, so we dug, and laughed, and took breaks to balance the tools on our fingers and flip them in the air. E showed me how to flip my digging tools up over my head into a tight spin and have them stick into the ground when they landed! I sang old smokey mountain over jordan type songs, to E’s dismay and imitated the animal sounds around us.

Eagle, robin, hawk, goats (not mine), cats. . .

E was laughing at me because I was talking to the cat who was under the car and no one could see him but me. I was imitating the sound of a cat fight, which was odd enough, but E pointed out that I was down on all fours, digging, and that surely the men in white jackets were coming for me soon! I told him every neighborhood needs a crazy lady and as much as it pains me, I am willing to make the sacrifice and play the role. ;D

Should I mention that I was wearing velvet leopard skin pajama bottoms? Seriously.

Life is more fun when there is not so much of that. Seriousness.


  1. But Wait, I thought the digging had occured up the hill, but
    No, it is your curving driveway sunny area. I would speculate
    that if you continue to live there, not a single blade of grass
    will be allowed, but only productive ground for food, or flowers
    for beauty will be seen there.

    Laughter is good medicine. Good for you and E.
    I have been laughing out loud
    over an email sent by a Friend. Now we will all be healthy.

      • jadegardens
      • March 8th, 2010

      The area at the top of the property was “lasagna” layered year before last. There is nothing but deep composted soil now. I had emptied the rabbit bins, and added the deep litter from the chicken house, along with the grass clippings.

      So yes, this area gets the most consistence sun on the property and it was being wasted on grass!

      E and I did more clean-up this afternoon and I set him to burning some of the brush that had dried out this last week. We are supposedly due for some snow tomorrow, so we rake and bagged everything that was drying out a bit.

      My neighbor came over to talk while we worked and it was nice to meet him. Coast Guard. Asked him why and he said because he lives to drive boats and help people. I asked if he would like fresh eggs and produce, he was quiet, then said his pay was cut by $600, which I think was his way of saying that YES! he would love that.

      So I am surrounded by Coast Guard, Ex-Ranger, Police Chief, and Bull Dog, the harley guy! Now that is what I call a good start for developing community in hard times!

    • C
    • March 13th, 2010

    Not “crazy”… I call it ECCENTRIC… ;o)
    …and I grew up next to an eccentric old woman who spent a lot of time in her yard gardening and pottering about. I found it quite exciting to make friends with her when no one else would! Most of the time she would vigorously “shoo” the kids from anywhere near her house. But I would visit her back porch by myself and sometimes she would let me in… one time to watch her iron using 2 cast irons that she heated alternately on her gas stove. Fascinating! And she finally accepted me well enough that she brought me the most fabulous corn bread sticks when I was home sick from school (made with lard, no doubt). And once I even got her to let me and 2 friends in the front door to sit in the parlor for a little bit. We found the carpet with the cabbage roses absolutely thrilling!

    See, you have already and may again have the opportunity to make memories for the next generation! Carry on!

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