Pottering About

C said, on March 13, 2010 at 5:36 PM

Not “crazy”… I call it ECCENTRIC… ;o)
…and I grew up next to an eccentric old woman who spent a lot of time in her yard gardening and pottering about. I found it quite exciting to make friends with her when no one else would! Most of the time she would vigorously “shoo” the kids from anywhere near her house. But I would visit her back porch by myself and sometimes she would let me in… one time to watch her iron using 2 cast irons that she heated alternately on her gas stove. Fascinating! And she finally accepted me well enough that she brought me the most fabulous corn bread sticks when I was home sick from school (made with lard, no doubt). And once I even got her to let me and 2 friends in the front door to sit in the parlor for a little bit. We found the carpet with the cabbage roses absolutely thrilling!

See, you have already and may again have the opportunity to make memories for the next generation! Carry on!

That is a wonderful story C! I was illustrating it in my head. R and I have a few books planned, but working on true stories about people who made a difference is intriguing to me. Flesh that one out a bit more, write as much as you can possibly remember. Describe every detail of how she looked, her home, and also exactly how you felt as a result of your special encounter.

You just made my day with that story. I love to watch children as they come here to pet the goats and bunnies. Every time I walk the goats, children pour out to meet me and try to pet the goats, who of course are not wild about the idea.

I also ponder the unfolding relationship with R, who I let onto my back porch and into my parlor with the cabbage rose carpet. Yep, actually have one! It is not easy being eccentric and allowing someone to live with you!

And now E is living here. When I drove out to pick him up, he was standing in the rain looking pretty beat down by life. A lost boy with no place to live is now happy, thriving, and working diligently on his wonderful creative project. He seems to enjoy my eccentricity and looks at me with a bemused smile as I talk to the cats, or myself. ; )

  1. I have noticed that C is especially good with older ladies
    (she started at an early age)) which bodes well for me because I get older by the day–
    don’t tell anyone. And she seems to like me and puts
    up with my eccentricities. And K loves me which makes
    me feel very blessed.

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