The Song of Robins. . .

beckoned me outside today, even though I had just told my mother I was going to ignore the outdoors and get that painting finished. I just could not help myself! So I swept up the white lime off the deck where the bottom had let loose yesterday, then rinsed it all away. Then I prepared one tray of pots and soil for my tomatoes and put in the label stakes. . . Black Brandywine, Black Cherry, and Black from Tula. . .which were my favorites from last year. The seeds will go in tomorrow.

Then I headed for the back patio area and began to rake out the leaves, again, and finished the dead heading. I filled two large black bags of leaves and trimmings. Hopefully it will look like this again. . .

The Japanese Maples are starting to leaf out in the most delicate shapes, something I find utmost pleasure in. I am guessing that is why I have over 100 of them! I only saw 6 that did not survive which is better than I had originally thought after that horrid heat wave last year, and then the hard freeze early in the Winter. Both events were record breaking weather for this area, but most of my perennials seem to have survived.

  1. Lovely. I’m glad your Japanese Maples survived all that
    weather. When Robins call it is hard to stay inside.

    • jadegardens
    • March 23rd, 2010

    Especially when one of those Robins just might be Sparky! I wonder if he/she made it through the Winter. . .

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