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Created a blog specifically for Art

Hopefully everyone in my family has found my newest blog that relates specifically to art, which will leave this blog to focus on family, farm, and fotography. Sorry, just could not resist!

It has been so windy the last week that getting any type of floral close-up has been impossible but I am hoping to get some decent shots today of all the Spring shoots that are basking in the almost sunny day.

Yesterday I worked for hours rebuilding paths and raking rocks out of the flower beds. The chickens were all gathered at their fence glaring at me as I undercovered worms just out of their reach. It is satisfying to be cleaning up the yard knowing that the chicken creatures will not undo it right behind me. When they scratch, it throws rocks 10 feet in every direction, so the gravel pathways are now mixed in with the dark composed soil. I do have a nice mounted screen that separates out the rocks and larger debris, but it is a slow process.

The sun is trying to warm my deck so I will go out now and appreciate its attempts on my behalf!


April Showers. . .

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know the showers bring the flowers, but I need a few warm, dry days to enjoy! I was comparing photos from early April in 07, 08, 09 and the growth this year is definitely ahead of any other year. I’ll try to get some comparison photos this week, but here on some shots from previous years.

The hot pink leaves of the Acer palmatum ‘Geishaare stunning again this year and the tree has grown significantly since I planted it. All of the 100+ Japanese Maples need to go up one pot this year, but I may have to just do the ones that seem the most desperate. I up-potted about 30 trees and perennials so far this year that I would normally have planted in the ground but with Wells Fargo wanting to take my house, I think it best to keep as many things in planters as possible.

Old things have passed away. . .

behold, new things have come! Happy Easter and Resurrection Day!

The last image is the view from my kitchen window, well zoomed in, and across the street down towards the Hood Canal. There has been a huge pink tree blooming down there for a couple of weeks so I should walk down and see what it is. The water and Olympic mountains can almost be seen, but my neighbors spent $850,000 for a full view so I’ll be happy with the much cheaper peek that I have!

Hatchling photos. . .

As promised, here are the photos of the French Standard Feather Shanked Black Copper Marans chick pipping it’s way into the world. I finally got to watch the whole process and realized that the chick actually turns itself around inside the shell and breaks off small pieces as it circles the shell, like a can opener. Then it just pops out!

And I am the chickie’s mama! The one that hatched three days before and the new one are sitting in my lap as I type. The first one will be Carloman, or Louise depending on the gender, and the second will be Pippin the Younger, or Bertrada. I had a grandmother named Bertie, and as I child I thought her name was Birdie.

Three more dark chocolate BCMs eggs arrived today and are already in the incubator. These will add to the genetics of my little Marans flock. If I had to narrow it down to three breeds, it would be Welsummers, Australorps and BCMarans, as they are all very sweet birds.