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A Walk through the Gardens. . .

. . . for my mother, a walk through the August landscape.

The hairy stemmed plant is Borage, with it’s simple blue blossom,

always a favorite.

I had an entire hillside planted with it this year, and it is going to seed right now.

Salvia Patens, the clear blue is always a Summer delight.

This photo actually does not show how very blue the blossoms are.

The blossom of a mildly spicey pepper, the Hungarian Black.

The intoxicating oriental lilies, which without would be

a summerless Summer for me.

The only remaining dahlia that survived the hard freeze last Winter.

I lost the giant, pie-plate sized white ones.

The next three images are just lowly potato blossoms!

A simple white snap dragon, dressed in bridal attire.

Sunset through the broccoli seed pods, reflecting off the water,

creating a double sunset.

Dead grasses and fallen leaves, victims of a long dry summer with no rain.