Sun and Snow

Chloe does NOT like the tiniest bits of snow.

Mr Henry blinked once or twice.

The Weeping Katsura continued to unfurl.

And the color is completely untouched!



The mature peach tree that split in the storm regrew well last year

and has blossoms this year!

The Black Plum is huge and fully in bloom:

Here comes the Rhubarb!

Golden Oregano:

All the Helleborus are bowing their heads, lavender, black, green:

Looks like we may escape the snow!

I was not looking forward to covering my miniature plum tree with plastic.

It may dip below freezing in some areas, hopefully not here.

This was March 18 2007:

A little less lawn. . .

a little more food, and flowers!

E and I worked on this the last two days and have the largest area dug up and the sod flipped. I have created, well the worms, chickens, rabbits, and goats, have created enough compost to layer it about a foot deep. I will put newspapers down first to discourage the grass coming through. This area gets full sun and watching the grass be the only recipient has bothered me for two years, so we dug, and laughed, and took breaks to balance the tools on our fingers and flip them in the air. E showed me how to flip my digging tools up over my head into a tight spin and have them stick into the ground when they landed! I sang old smokey mountain over jordan type songs, to E’s dismay and imitated the animal sounds around us.

Eagle, robin, hawk, goats (not mine), cats. . .

E was laughing at me because I was talking to the cat who was under the car and no one could see him but me. I was imitating the sound of a cat fight, which was odd enough, but E pointed out that I was down on all fours, digging, and that surely the men in white jackets were coming for me soon! I told him every neighborhood needs a crazy lady and as much as it pains me, I am willing to make the sacrifice and play the role. ;D

Should I mention that I was wearing velvet leopard skin pajama bottoms? Seriously.

Life is more fun when there is not so much of that. Seriousness.


Pink in the garden today . . .

The Weeping Katsura is sending out the most exquisite pink growth.

Tomorrow I will set up the tripod and get some close-ups.

By popular request!

A Picture that says it all. . .

The sun is shining into my studio, hitting my white robe (yes, sitting here in my fuzzy robe and slippers) and bouncing back onto my monitor. It is so bright in here I need sunglasses to type!

My studio was on the North side, creating accurate lighting for painting, but my mother suggested I would be happier with the sun streaming in a South facing studio. She was right! If I lived somewhere with consistent sunlight, the North studio would be ideal, but not here, where even a graphic of a yellow round thing elicits waves of anticipation.

Isn’t it beautiful! And there are FIVE of them, all in a little row! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! My posts will go from maudlin’ to manic in short order.

The ground is finally drying out a bit so I am putting peas in this week, along with spinach and other greens. Hopefully they will not rot.

E and I are going to dig this grass plant out and expose the nice white landscaping rocks that have been taken over by this creeping crud, that has now turned the corner and heading up the other side of the property.

It is hard to believe that these areas will look lush again, but they always do. Here is what it looks like now. . .

These same areas will look like this in no time at all!

Well, that is if I rebuild the chicken run and keep them from eating every sprout that comes out of the ground. They are particularly fond of anything from the allium family and will eat my 10 foot tall Oriental Lilies down to a nub in the dirt.

I have so many gigs of photographs, that I have decided that this year I will photograph less, garden and paint more, and just share the ones I ALREADY HAVE. Fortunately all of the photos are organized by months, so all I have to do is share my March photos from the last few years and no one would no the difference anyway!

I am heading out now for a day in the sun with all my animal friends and wee plants poking their heads up from a mild winter’s nap. Too mild. The mosquitos are terrible already.